GEMXX Corporation

The World’s premier Ammolite Supplier & Only Ammolite Crypto Currency Provider
The World’s Premier Ammolite Supplier & Only Ammolite Token Provider
GEMXX CEO Jay Maull (right)
showing mined Ammolite rough

GEMXX, Corp. (OTC: GEMZ) is a publicly traded, mine to market gemstone and jewelry producer with global reach that owns mining, production and operating assets. GEMXX controls each stage of its production including gemstone production, jewelry manufacturing and global distribution.

GEMXX has over 160 years of combined Ammolite management, operations and sales experience. The team’s experience covers every aspect of the Ammolite business ensuring maximum control of the company’s product development, quality control and profits. GEMXX management is proud of their environmental stewardship, ethical mining and production standards as the company sets the standard in quality and customer service, providing exquisite fine jewelry and extremely rare, natural decor pieces to customers around the world.

GEMXX produces more top quality Ammolite than any Ammolite producer. Our world class gemstone cutters and jewelry designers are continuously leading the Ammolite industry in new and exciting directions.

Years of combined Ammolite management, operations and sales experience.
Gem bearing concretions on 1 of the company’s 3 properties
Ammolite has increased over 300% in value over the last 20 years

Backed with over $600M in Ammolite
reserves owned by

Management Team
Jay F.P. Maull
President, CEO and Chairman

Mr. Maull has owned and operated ammolite mining, production and marketing companies for over 30 years. He has operated the world’s largest Ammolite mine, produced and sold Ammolite to customers on every continent on Earth and as well, built the world’s largest Ammolite online e-commerce platform. As GEMXX’s President and CEO, Mr. Maull will provide the overall leadership to GEMXX.

Richard Clowater
VP, Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Development

Mr. Clowater is a sales and marketing professional who specializes in research, data analysis, strategy development and execution. He has played an integral role in establishing initiatives to accomplish market expansion, increase profits and customer loyalty. He has negotiated sales and contracts in excess of $250 million to key purchasing personnel, C-suite management and all levels of governments both foreign and domestic.

Kim S. Halvorson
Corporate Secretary and Director
Ms. Halvorson is a seasoned Business Development and Marketing professional that thrives in new and innovative environments. Over her 25-year career, she has contributed to all spectrums of the business continuum. She started in medical practice management software systems and then moved to holding strategic roles in large corporate structures such as Dell Computer Corporation, and other successful healthcare start-ups like SCI Solutions (complex hospital scheduling). After leaving Dell she went on to be a founding partner at Triage VC, where she worked with several start-up ventures leveraging her vast industry connections. Her expertise helped to accelerate early-stage start-ups in the areas of investment banking, marketing and business development.
Tommy A. Dryden
VP, Ammonite Production
Mr. Dryden has been involved with the production and marketing of Ammolite for over 29 years. There is no one active in the Ammolite industry with more knowledge of the Bearpaw Ammonite bearing formations. His papers on Canadian Ammonites have been published worldwide. Mr. Dryden will oversee GEMXX’s Canadian based production facilities.
P. K. Chung
Business Manager Asia

Ms. Chung has been involved with Ammolite business management, production and marketing in Asia for over 25 years. Based in the Hong Kong Gem district there is no one more knowledgeable of the inner-workings of the Asian gem and jewelry markets.

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