Ammolite Token FAQ

Why is the token priced at $3.88 USD?

The token is priced at 1/13 the wholesale price of a carat of Ammolite gemstone. 

Ammolite Token (AMML) Information

The Ammolite cryptocurrency is a dedicated hybrid token that has the backing of the Ammolite resources whose ownership and operations are overseen by GEMXX Corporation. The Corporation has stated that it will be backing the tokens with over $600M in its proven Ammolite reserves. It plans to execute this by using its own mining as a unique secure source. Currently, the Corporation has proven resources of over 9,700 gem-bearing concretions with an average of 1,687 carats of gemstone per concretion.

In 2020, the company purchased 217 acres of gem-bearing land in addition to their existing properties located in Southern Alberta, Canada. Prior to acquiring the property, core samples were drilled to prove the existence of gem-bearing shale formations.

GEMXX’s dedicated Resource-To-Token concept is the first digitized form of Ammolite in existence, as such, this makes the AMML Token one-of-a-kind in the world.

Who are the Founders of Ammolite (AMML)?

The Ammolite token was created by the GEMXX Corporation, a publicly-traded mine to market gemstones and jewelry producer with global reach who own mining, production, and operating assets. GEMXX coordinates all the stages involved in the production including gemstone production, jewelry manufacturing, and the global distribution of their products.

What is Ammolite (AMML) used for?

The Ammolite token is a hybrid cryptocurrency which is backed by reserves of Ammolite.

Due to the amount of resources backing the project, the token holds significant value in the ranks of cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that individuals who hold AMML tokens have the option of trading their tokens with other cryptocurrency pairs in the open market to potentially earn a profit from their digital assets.

What Is the Unique Point of Ammolite (AMML)?

The Ammolite token is different from most of the other cryptocurrencies because it is the first token is the first ever to be backed by a confirmed reserve of Ammolite. The reason this puts the value of the token significantly above other similar cryptocurrencies is that Ammolite is one of the rarest naturally occurring elements available in the world.

The platform was created under the fundamnetal belief that the gemstone is on the verge of going mainstream globally in both Jewelry and Home Décor. According to the founding team, if the trend continues, there will be an increase in the value of the token, similar to what has occurred over the past 20 years, which was more than 300%. GEMXX has created the only Ammolite-backed Crypto Token in the world that easily allows everyone to participate in the rise in popularity of Ammolite.

How many Ammolite (AMML) coins are in circulation?

The Corporation is only making 1,388,000 Ammolite tokens available in 2021 and GEMXX plans to launch a proprietary exchange in the First Quarter of 2022.

This will provide AMML token holders easy access to liquidity and exchange the token for other cryptocurrency pairs including, but not limited to Litercoin, Etherum, XRP, or Bitcoin, among others.  

Is the Ammolite (AMML) Network secured?

Unlike contemporary cryptocurrencies which are controlled by a consensus mechanism consisting of users on the platform, the Ammolite token is controlled by the company but follows all the rules of the crypto community.  It is also secured by the company’s security protocols. This means that the company oversees the security mechanisms operating on the platform.

Accordingly, the platform has been audited by several professional firms and has been certified as protected against targeted attacks on its system, the platform has never been successfully hacked. Users can comfortably transact on its platform without the fear of attack.

How do I buy Ammolite (AMML)?

Ammolite tokens can be easily purchased by downloading the GEMXX wallet and using the following steps.

* Open an GEMXX wallet account 

* Transfer cryptocurrency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy AMML with the convert mechanism in your wallet.

What is Ammolite?

Ammolite is a gemstone

Originating more than 71 million years ago, tectonic pressure and mineralization caused by sediment from the newly formed Rocky Mountains gave us the geological wonder known as Ammolite Gemstone. The iridescence and kaleidoscopic display of exquisite colors are rivaled by no other gem with organic origins. These unique gem properties are only known to be found in one geographic region (Southern Alberta, Canada), making ammolite one of the rarest gems on earth.

Ammolite Uses

The colorful layers of the natural gemstone material are perfect for creating beautiful gemstones, jewelry, and breathtaking decor pieces.

Power and Myths

Indigenous Canadians refer to Ammolite as the “Buffalo Stone”, others refer to Ammolite as the “Spirit Stone” (Indigenous), “7 Color Prosperity Stone” (Asia) or “Energy Stone” (Europe).


Documented discovery in 1906 by the Geological Survey of Canada, Ammolite was given the honor of official gemstone status in 1981 by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). That was the same year commercial mining of Ammolite began.


For more than 300 million years, 10,000 different species of Ammonite inhabited the oceans and seas around the world.  In southern Alberta Canada, as the ammonites died, they sank to the seabed and were buried by layers of bentonitic mud that eventually became shale. Over millions of years, the right mineralization, time, and pressure gave us the wonder of fossilized Ammonite shell known as Ammolite.

Metaphysical Properties

Ammolite is truly one of the rarest gems in the world. Being primarily composed of the aragonite, it also includes silica, calcite, pyrite, and various other materials. The shell of Ammolite contains minerals such as aluminum, chromium, barium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, titanium, strontium, and vanadium.  The natural hardness of Ammolite on Mohs scale is between 3.5 to 4.0.