Welcome to GEMXX Wallet!!!  

To be eligible to use the GEMXX Wallet Services, you must be at least 18 years old, and be able to provide proof of identity.

You must be able to download the GEMXX Wallet on either Apple Store or Google Play Store, register for a GEMXX Wallet account and complete the KYC/AMML form properly to use the Services. 

During registration for your GEMXX Wallet Account, according to local and federal regulations, you will be required to provide the information we request for the purposes of identity verification and the detection of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other financial crimes. You will need to complete the KYC verification procedures before you are permitted to use the GEMXX Wallet Services.

To prevent fraud or illegal activity, this information will be verified by a Compliance Officer before the account becomes active. Because of this, approval may take several minutes to several hours. All KYCs are reviewed within 24 hours.

Having Dark Mode on may affect the performance of the application. Additionally, it is required to have a good internet connection (either via Wifi or via Cellular Data) when using the wallet.

I have downloaded the GEMXX Wallet. How do I get started?

Upon downloading either the iOS or Android application, open the app. You will then be requested to create an account or restore an existing account. Choose Create Account. You will then be shown 6 passphrases in numerical order that you will need to write down and save somewhere safe. These passphrases are required to restore your account if you were to Log out or lose your device. Losing your passphrases means losing access to your account. Once you have written the passphrases as shown and in the right order, click Next and re-enter the passphrases. Once complete, you will then be asked to enter a PIN Code that only you will know. This PIN Code will be asked when making a transaction and when opening the app. If you forget your PIN Code, you can always restore your wallet and create a new PIN Code. Once the PIN Code has been entered, you will be logged in to your account. Complete the KYC application shown in the “KYC” menu in order to receive access to all features of the GEMXX Wallet. Once approved, your setup process has been completed.

Once your GEMXX Wallet is downloaded, follow the instruction below to properly complete the KYC to activate your account:
IMPORTANT NOTE – before you begin, please have ready the following items:
  1. Government issued picture ID (images of both sides are required)
  2. An image of your face with your government issued ID
  3. A household bill with your current address

To prevent the system from timing out, we suggest you have these items ready before beginning the KYC process.

First Name* – Enter your first name. ie: Michael. (The system will not accept fake names or aliases)

Last Name* – Enter your last name. ie: Bond

Middle Name – If applicable, enter your middle name. ie: Deals

Date of Birth* – Select your date of birth

Phone number* – Format needs to be the country code, then your number. ie: +1-416-356-3656 or +380-551-474-4747

Email* – Enter your email address. ie: [email protected]

Country* – Enter your nation of residence. ie: United States

State* – Enter your state/province of residence. ie: New York

Address* – Enter your residence address. ie: 123 Anywhere St, Unit 12, 10005 (Zip code/Postal code)

City* – Enter your city of residence. Ex: New York.

Document ID number* – Please ensure the government-issued documents you select has an ID number on the document. This ID number may be  a combination of letters and numbers and is a code used by the government to find your information in their database. Every piece of government issued identification has a unique ID number: ie: . 1234567ASHFDGS1234.

Uploaded Documents:

All uploaded documents need to be clearly visible and readable. If you take a picture of your document, please make a close-up showing the entire document. You are also able to scan your document using your phone or a printer. The more clearly visible your document is, the quicker the approval will be.

Front Side* – an image/scan of the front of the document.

Back Side* – an image/scan of the back of the document.

Selfie* – an image/scan of you holding your document, facing the camera, with both your face and the face on the document clearly visible.

See below to see how the documents should be uploaded:


Main Rejection Reasons:

  1. The entered address does not match the address in the document.
  2. The quality of the document is not readable/not clearly visible.
  3. The Selfie was done without the document.
  4. The Selfie was done wearing glasses, a hat, a mask, or with another item.
  5. The Selfie was a picture of something other than the person opening the account.
  6. The Selfie was of poor quality, and it was difficult to see the image of the identification document. The facial image in the identification document must be visible.
  7. The applicant is less than 18 years of age.
How do I know if the KYC from was submitted successfully?

If after you ‘submit’ an application the form is blank, please go to the main menu, tap the KYC section and see if it requests you to submit the form again or if it reads “your KYC application is being approved by a human”.  If a blank form is shown, then the connection did not complete, and the KYC info was not uploaded. Please re-submit.

I didn’t write down my passphrases/lost them. What can I do?

A passphrase is an industry standard tool that is a LAST LINE of protection for crypto accounts (be it in an exchange or a wallet). Due to security and privacy reasons, every business that has passphrase protection is unable to access the passphrases. Therefore, if you lose your passphrases or incorrectly wrote them down initially, then you will lose access to your account, and there is nothing our company – nor any company – can do to regain access to your account. Therefore, it is imperative to log out of your account after setup, re-enter the account and test the GEMXX Wallet before transferring funds or other currencies. 

How many currencies are supported?

The GEMXX Wallet currently supports over 100 crypto currencies. These currencies can be found in “Add Currency” in the main wallet section of the app.

I sent crypto to my account within GEMXX Wallet but do not see the funds. Is it gone?

Although most transaction are completed within minutes, please allow up to 48 hours for a transaction to clear. If done correctly, within the GEMXX Wallet, you will see confirmations in the currency’s Transactions tab. Once the confirmations have been cleared, the deposit will be allocated.

All cryptocurrencies are sent to the same ‘Ticker Receive’ addresses to avoid loss in the blockchain. If you sent funds to the wrong protocol, or sent funds to a cryptocurrency address we do not support, you might lose your funds. This is an industry standard. Therefore, it is very likely that, if you are unable to cancel the transaction from your end and your crypto funds do not show up in your account within 24 hours, that you have lost your cryptocurrency.

Multiple accounts of the same currency were opened. How do I remove them?

To delete a duplicate currency, hold your finger on the currency you want to remove and slide your finger to the left. You will then see a “trash bin” appear on the right side. Tap that button and the currency account will be deleted.

How do I change the language to the Spanish version of the wallet?

Go to Setting > Language and select Es (the Spanish version of the wallet). The wallet will then switch to the Spanish version.

The font of the User Interface looks glitchy/too big. What is the problem?

The most common solution to this situation is to go into your Smartphone’s Settings, find where it mentions the font size, and change the font size to a smaller size (often, Default size). This is the solution to any UI-related inquiries. Also check to make sure your Dark Mode (iPhones) is unselected, as it too may have an impact on the UI. If this did not help, please send us a screenshot of what you are seeing.

What happens if I click on Exit/Sign Out?

Do not click on “Exit” if you do not have an intention to exit your wallet account. By doing so, you will be signed out of your account and will have to re-enter your original passphrase in the “Restore Wallet” option upon the next opened session. If you  want to exit the app without signing out, just click on your Smartphone’s ‘Home’ button and it will exit the app. Upon opening the app, you will be asked for a PIN Code, therefore this exit method is totally safe.

When filling out the KYC, what is a document number?

All government issued documents have a document number that is tied specifically to that account tailored for you. It is used by the government to identify your file quickly in the government database. Please have a look here:

Why is the app showing “Network Difficulties” when I try loading it?

You are receiving this message because you have a poor internet connection. Make sure you are accessing the wallet with WIFI. If you are accessing the wallet with Cellular Data, make sure that you are in an area that will guarantee a stable, good connection. If the problem persists, please contact us via the website’s support form.

Why does my Referral Code show my username as “Anonymous”?

Anonymous’ is a default setting.  To change the name, open the GEMXX Wallet app, go to ‘More’, then ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Add’ beside the ‘Username’ section. This will allow you to enter a nickname for the referral code. Otherwise, Anonymous will remain.

How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go… If you would like to discontinue your account, go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Sign Out from Wallet’. This will sign you out of your wallet and you can then delete the application if you wish. There is no button for the deletion of an account, however signing out does secure that no one is able to access your account as they will need the original passphrases (the one you wrote down) to access your account. Therefore, if you ever choose to reactivate your account in the future, this will be possible.

If I have more questions, to whom can I direct them?

All of the most popular questions can be found in this FAQ, however if you wish to ask about something more detailed, or need assistance using the app, please create a support ticket from within the app’s settings. This can be found inside the app in ‘More’ and then ‘Help & Support’.